Gerri Lee

Gerri Lee

Mar 18th 1948 — May 15th 2023 (75 years)


Geraldine (Gerri) Lee was born March 18, 1948 in Sydney, NS. The youngest of three, she grew up in Cape Breton until the age of 18, when she moved to Lakeside, NS and met James Salsman, who would later become her husband. James and Gerri brought two sons into the world, Steven and Mark. Gerri worked as a waitress and later became a caregiver, where she would meet the people she called her "second family": David Carter and his children (Dave, Derek, Darlene, Doreen and Drew). She helped care for David for many years, until he passed away. After she retired, Gerri again offered her assistance in helping to care for Mark and Steven's paternal grandmother, who was terminally ill, and had moved in with Mark and his family so she wouldn't have to go to a nursing home. Gerri lived her remaining years with them. Gerri is survived by her brother Wally Crawley, sons Steven (Sandra) Salsman and Mark (Holly) Salsman; grandchildren Chase, Bianca (Mikael), Aric, Rykelle, Christopher, and Kasper (Michaelle); and great-grandchildren Kaiden and Breigh'Lynn. She is pre-deceased by her parents as well as her beloved sister Mamie. A memorial service will be held for Gerri on Saturday, May 20th at 11:00 AM, at St. Clement's Church, 16 Gaston Road, Dartmouth, NS. In lieu of flowers, please send donations to St. Clement's Church.

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Helene Larouche

14 days ago

I met Gerri close to 50 years ago. We had some souvenirs of life together but we really got to know each other better after her sister Mamie became ill. At this point I had lost all contact with both of them, but the universe pointed me in their direction to find them again. Once we reconnected, Gerri and I became very close friends. Although I do not live in NS anymore we would keep in touch on messenger and FB.

Gerri had a very contagious sense of humor, and once we would start on a topic there would be so much laughter. I looked forward to our conversations, and even if it started off in a sad vein we would find the lesson learnt, and also find the humor by looking at it from a different perspective. This is such an important thing to do because laughter can change the dynamics and keep us from years and anguish. Truly there is s lesson to be learnt in all that we do and experience.

Gerri faith was ufaltering in so many ways. She was an inspiration to me in how she dealt with her own health issues, and her belief in the higher outcomes of things no matter what.

She never complained hardly at all, and was very accepting of what was handed over to her. I cannot say enough about this Angel of mercy, so giving in her sweet nature, and such a heart of gold. I cannot believe, that she is passed away so sudden and quickly, away from us. I feel she is gone from this world but still nearby and still occupies a huge place in my heart. I will never forget her honest friendship, and all the kindness and patience that she showed in her everyday life to me and to the world. She is such a model of love, what it takes , and means to care for your fellow man. Her faith was so strong and powerful, she was such a source of inspiration.

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Helene Larouche

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